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“the pop heard ’round detroit”

by Claire & Serena on September 1, 2013, no comments

One fateful August morning (last Monday), Serena and I were preparing for one of our last trips with the trailer. We got on the road set on getting to Bennett Elementary at 10:30. What should have been a half hour drive down the lodge freeway quickly turned into disaster on the ramp of exit 4B. I pulled onto the shoulder while Serena watched as our right trailer tire smoked and soon totally exploded.

Serena hides concern as she smiles with the garden (that isn't so "on the go" anymore)

Serena hides concern as she smiles with the garden (that isn’t so “on the go” anymore)

So there we were: Two girls, a mobile garden, hazard lights, a busy freeway, a tire in shreds and no spare. But when all hope seemed lost, we stared into the eyes of defeat and…called Belvin. Luckily we were only minutes away from Belvins house, he even woke up to help out! Belvin was able to help Serena and me detach the trailer and secure it so we could go home and figure out how to save our precious veggies.  (& thank you so much to Mrs. Liles for letting us catch our breath in her home after the incident!)

Serena & Claire quickly snap selfie with our hero Belvin on the phone

We quickly snap a selfie with our hero Belvin on the phone

Later that night Serena and I returned to exit 4B with our fathers to see what the best plan of action would be. After failing to tow the trailer on the rim to the nearest gas station, we resorted to calling a tow truck. We sat off to the side of the freeway as we watched our trailer be hoisted up on to a tow truck at 10:00pm. Huge thanks to Andre who made sure to stay calm even though there were two anxious girls watching his every move!

Claire and Serena excited the tailer is finally lifted off the freeway and onto the tow truck!

Claire and Serena excited the tailer is finally lifted off the freeway and onto the tow truck!

We love Andre the tow man!

We love Andre the tow man!

The trailer was dropped off at our local repair shop where we had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Freeman, who was more than willing to help us replace the tire (and tolerated 3 separate trips to the trailer supply store to get the correct wheel).

We were so bummed to miss our trip to Bennett Elementary, but also VERY thankful we have such amazing family and friends to help in times of distress! Serena and I are glad that we got out of this sticky situation safely and efficiently. We are also very glad to report Garden On The Go is back on the road!

❀Peace, Love & Veggies❀



a quick thanks before we get back on the road

by Claire & Serena on August 21, 2013, no comments

Garden on the Go has been resting (& drinking in all this beautiful sunshine!) while my wisdom teeth swelling goes down. But next week we are gearing up for a busy end of August! New organizations contact us every week and places we have already visited call back to arrange for more visits.  We are having so much fun sharing this project with all of our new and old friends.  Since we began our project at the beginning of the summer we have been able to meet so many amazing people and get involved with incredible communities in downtown Detroit. Thank you to all the new faces we have met and all of you who have tagged along with us, your support and love means the world to Serena and me (Belvin, John, Lauren, Hannah, and Carl that means you!)  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for us! ❀

Be Green & Be Happy

P.S. Special thanks to my amazing cousin Isabel Talsma for this awesome illustration!

Adorable illustration by Isabel!

Running All Around!

by Claire & Serena on August 15, 2013, no comments

Whew! What a busy week. Garden On The Go hit Clark Park this past Saturday when Clark hosted its annual summer festival. We were one of the many activities that day, the energy of the Park was incredible. Events included face paint, lax games, an unexpected visit from a Detroit marching band, a flash mob, (not to mention a delicious lemonade stand) and many more!

So that was how Claire, Belvin and I spent our Saturday- and with great happiness too!

We took Sunday off, and prepared to head to City Camp on Monday, Healthy Kidz Inc on Tuesday, and the E.L. Johnson Nature Center on Wednesday. Each visit was so unique yet every camper left with the same hopeful message to start their own gardens. At the Johnson Nature Center, our two friends Hannah Larae and Carl Conyers volunteered to help us out as well and we had a great time.

Tomorrow, August 15th, is a fateful day for Claire. She’ll be getting her wisdom teeth pulled! Due to her coming-of-age dentist appointment, the Garden will take a break for the week, and will resume after I arrive back from a few college visits.

Peace and Love!

Hannah, Claire, Carl, Serena, and the kidz!

Hannah, Claire, Carl, Serena, and the kidz!

Our Visits Have Begun!

by Claire & Serena on August 12, 2013, no comments

Serena, Claire, and Belvin with our youngest group. In their hands are the gardens they planted!

Serena, Claire, and Belvin with our youngest group. In their hands are the gardens they planted!

August 6th, 10:00am marks the commencement of our visits! Getting up (a little too) bright and early, Claire and I made sure to leave plenty of time for our garden on wheels to safely make its way to the Boll Family YMCA. There, we had such an amazing first visit, making 5 presentations for a total of 100 campers. Each learned the importance of knowing where our food comes from and the benefits of eating healthy. After learning about the importance of gardening, taste testing veggies from our garden, they became gardeners too-bringing home a mini-garden we planted that day!

The next morning, we set off bound for camp Green Living Science. We had the special opportunity of working with only three kids for an hour and a half! With that extra time, we made seed bombs, planted various seeds and flowers, and sat in a pow-wow, discussing all we had learned that day.

Our great friend, Belvin Liles, so graciously volunteered part of his summer to assist us at these camps as well. Our visits have been fun and entertaining for both the kids and us! Though a long haul to certain camps, every drive is so worthwhile when we the shining faces peering into the garden!

Next week, we’re scheduled to visit Healthy Kidz Inc, City Camp, and E.L. Johnson Nature Center. Until next time!

Up & Rolling (& Growing)

by Claire & Serena on July 23, 2013, no comments

Garden On the Go is official! You can find us on Aside from having the title, we also have our trailer up and running (Thanks to our friends at Total Trailer) and have our perfect garden growing steady inside it.  We are both so eager to take our trailer on the road and share it with others.

Our schedule this August is filling up fast, so if any wants to help out or arrange a visit from serena and I, visit our get involved page!     ✿stay in tune for more updates on our big adventure!✿

The Beginning

by Claire & Serena on July 2, 2013, 2 comments

Hi there. My name is Claire Erwin and my best pal is Serena Bian. Welcome and thank you for visiting our blog.  Serena and I were in the last weeks of our junior year of high school when we had a special idea. As we combined our passion for gardening, our love of the outdoors, and our appreciation for the city of Detroit, Garden on the Go was born.  The goal is to show kids in the city how important fresh fruits and veggies are, and how easily they can be farmers, even without rolling acres. With the little seed of a idea that was Garden on the Go, it grew, as all good seeds do. Soon we had our own little portable garden, hitched on the back of our car and ready to go.

This is our green summer story.❀